WordPress Preview Not Working 404 Not Found | Simple Solution

Wordpress preview not working

WordPress is a perfect platform for Website and Blog but sometimes we also face problems in it, and among those problems, I am today going to give you a very simple solution for WordPress Preview Not Working 404 Not Found WordPress problem.

Wordpress preview not working 404 not found
WordPress preview not working 404 not found

If you are reading this post then you must be facing this problem in your WordPress account and you were searching for the solution in WordPress Q&A forms where you did not find any solution for WordPress preview not working problem.

Well same happened to me and I search a lot in WordPress Q&A forms but they were giving their own bullshit solutions like deleting the WordPress htaccess file.

But I found the very simple solution for this WordPress preview 404 Not Found error problem.

How to Solve WordPress Preview Not Working Problem?

Well for solving this problem from your WordPress account, follow these steps –

  1. Log out of your WordPress account.
  2. Close your Browser Chrome or any browser you use.
  3. Again open your Browser.
  4. Clear all the History from your Browser.
  5. Log in to your WordPress account.

That’s it, now check you’re any draft post or page preview.

The preview option will be working fine then now.

So that was the simple and very easy solution for WordPress preview not working 404 not found problem.

This worked for me, I hope this will also work for you! 🙂

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