WordPress Plugin Search Not Working | Very Simple Solution


WordPress is a powerful CMS and best Blogging platform for anyone. It makes all the things very easy to do and manage the Site Content very easy. But nothing is perfect, and so that I am here today with the solution of “WordPress plugin search not working” problem.

WordPress plugin search not working

WordPress plugins which are precoded and make everything very easy for us..

You can simply go in WordPress Plugin section and Install your desire plugin for your requirements.

When you go for install any Plugin, you click on Add New in Plugin option..

wordpress plugin option

Once you click on that you land on the page where you get options called Featured, Popular, Recommended, Favorites for choosing the Plugin.

And you get a Search Box where you can put a plugin’s Name (Keyword), Plugin’s Author name, and tags.

wordpress plugin search option

And from that feature you can search any Plugin very simply.

WordPress Plugin Search Not Working Problem

But the problem is that many WordPress users are facing the Problem that when they are going to search any Plugin from that WordPress Plugin Search option, they are getting no results..

First of all, one thing I do not like about WordPress that when you go search for any Plugin through this option, you have to put the exact name (keyword) there, then only the WordPress plugin search option will bring to you Plugin results.

If you put any letter wrong in the Keyword, forget that you gonna receive the result.

It will show a ‘no result page‘ with the text – “No plugins found. Try a different search.”

It is so frustrating when you go for search any Plugin with keyword and you typed wrong spelling (Some Plugins has Complicated names) and the Plugin searcher will never gonna show you the Result (No Suggestions).

Even there is no Suggestions shows, like if I go for Search  Autoptimize…and I write only Auto… WordPress Plugin Searcher should give the Suggestions below Search Box like google search Box does.

Why there is no option like that in WordPress Plugin Search Option and why it is not so smart as Google Search Box.

I guess they don’t have such data that Google has:/ Should be Improved and applied man.

Two Features they should be use and apply :

  1. Plugin Name Suggestions.
  2. Including Some Common Sense with WordPress Plugin Search Box, that if I wrote wrong spelling of Autoptmize, they should suggest by telling “Did you mean Autoptimize” like google does.

People want fast and easy way in Searching and Google Understanding people and here WordPress Plugin Search making all the things very complicated.

Sorry for going in apart of topic.

So I was saying that whenever people try to search any plugin from this Commonsense less Searching Option, some people are facing the problem that WordPress Plugin Search Not Working and it is just keep showing working  (Processing) for search and no results appear..

Wordpress plugin search not working

Well there is a very simple solution for this WordPress search not working Problem, don’t worry.

WordPress Search Not Working Problem Solution

Well I too got the same problem and I found the very simple solution for that and then I got to see Plugin Results.

What you have to do is that once you write the Exact Keyword or Name of the Plugin in the WordPress Plugin Search Box and the Processing round started and you don’t see it stop and not show the results then just press F5 key on you Keyword.

This command will force to show the results for that Keyword or Name and you will see the results for your keyword.

For 3 to 4 times I had to do this for showing the results of my Plugin Search and after that it started working fine without pressing F5 Key.

Hope this Helps, Thank You!


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