What is Bothie – All About Bothie

What is Bothie
What is Bothie

What is Bothie

Technology changes day by day and we get to see many new things every day, in the world there are many technologies that have changed the world, and one of them is a mobile phone and more than it, the camera feature in it, that has made people capture many selfies and people can not live without capturing selfie in any day, but now even such days are coming when you will not be able to live without capturing BOTHIE.

Forget Selfie, Know about What is Bothie
Forget selfie, know What is Bothie

Now the new trend and new way to capture pictures has come, which names Bothie, if you do not know what is Bothie, then this article is for you, Keep reading….

Before telling about what is BOTHIE and all about it, we will share a small example with you, so you will know why BOTHIE will be popular in the future.

What is Bothie
What is Bothie

We tell you one thing which may have once happened to all of you. We go to many parties, Birthday party, an engagement party, or a party of Friends Group, in which many photos and videos are taken by us.

Sometimes the moment comes when the phone is given to you and it is said to take a video or take photos, you also capture the video and photos in that phone, but the shortcomings remain that you were not in any of that picture and video.

You are not in the pictures and videos because you are behind the camera, and this is all going to change now.

Because now if you capture any video or picture of your friends and family, you will be also in that videos or pictures, that means who will stand behind the camera will also be seen in the camera or camera’s capture.

All this made possible a new feature called “Bothie”, What is Bothie, and How this feature works –

What is Bothie feature of Nokia 8
What is Bothie feature of Nokia 8

Our phone has two cameras, a front which is used for selfie and the other is a back camera which takes a picture or video of whatever is in front of the camera.

The lens of the front camera has made wide so that we can take the group selfie of all the friends sitting with us, which is called Groupis and now it has come Bothie, which is brought to us by Nokia with its newly phone Nokia 8.

It’s a software feature, all smartphones have front camera and back camera, because of the software program, both of the phones camera will turn on, so you will be able to capture Bothie.

So that is all about Bothie, This is a very great feature and we may see this feature in every phone in the future, so be ready to Capture Bothie.

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