Best Home Exercises That Really Helps To Build Muscles – Top 4

best home exercises
best home exercises

Everyone wants to make a strong and attractive body but some of those have lack of time and they can’t go to gym and can’t give a much time in it. Then the only thought comes to the mind that Can I make muscles at home and are there any best home exercises to do at home for building muscles?

Yes you can, Anyone can make muscles and it’s not that hard as all people think.

If you really want a attractive body and lean muscles, then you have to do some work for it constantly on daily basis.

More of it you should know the perfect exercises and their way to do, you should concentrate on your diet when your body doing some extra hard work. Remember, it’s not that hard as you think.

OK let’s talk about which type of best home exercises you can do daily at home

There are many exercises are there to do at home for muscles but we will tell you only four best home exercises which is simple and anyone can do at home.

These four exercises are very effective and if you do it constantly on daily basis, we are telling you that –

“man you are going to get that body you have dreamt about it.”

Push up exercise

Push-ups : Yes this is a common body weight exercise which everyone knows. Push-ups is the only exercise which singly make your upper body very strong that you even can’t imagine. Push-ups will give you strength that you will feel in your body. Moreover you will get a strong upper body, with tight bigger chest and strong arm and killer triceps.

Push-ups are very simple to do, it be done anywhere on flat surface, it can be done any time. Push-ups is the best exercise do at home for muscles gain. Push-ups exercise can be hard For beginners who are going to do it first time. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do very much at initial level. Again remember it’s not that hard as you think, if you do it constantly on daily basis.

On initial level you can start with 5 push-ups in 1 rep, do 5 push-ups again and again as much as you can do. Day by day you will feel energy and strength in your body and you will feel it easy to do. Then what you have to do is, increase the 5 push-ups amount in 1 rep to 10 or 20 push-ups. After it don’t increase the amount of push-ups, increase the reps. Set target of daily push-ups, after being expert in it, do 300 to 500 push-ups in reps of amount 20 to 30 push-ups once.

You will see the changes in your body in 1 month. Remember eat healthy, eat protein rich food.

After being expert and feel easy in what you are doing now with push-ups, make it more challenging. Yes if you want to gain more muscles then you have to make your push-ups more challenging. For it you can do many type of push-ups and also put some weight on your body and do push-ups. More you make it challengeable more you will gain lean muscles and strength in your body.

Pull ups exercise

Pull ups : Pull ups is the exercise which can be done also at home and that is also one of in best home exercises, only you need some place where you can hang up yourself and pull yourself up with the strength of your arms. It can be any strong pipe, unfinished attic rafters.

Pull ups is also a body weight exercise which can be huge effective to gain muscles at home. Pull ups are very hard to do on initial level. If you are beginner, you will be able to do 2 to 5 pull ups at once. It’s not mean that you can’t do more and you can’t do this exercise. Start with 2 to 3 pull ups amount on initial level with 4 to 5 reps, you will feel easy to do it in some days. Then increase the pull ups amount, 8 to 10 pull ups and same reps. After feel more strength in your body, keep same amount of pull ups 10 but increase the reps. Making it more challenging, you can hang some weight with you and can do this exercise. Pull ups will make your shoulder muscles strong, your back muscles and your arm muscles. It is the best 2nd exercise you can do with push-ups.

Sit ups exercise

Sit ups : Sit ups is the common exercise for abs muscles and it’s really effective. You can do sit ups exercise at home very easily. Sit ups are not so hard, even beginner can do more then 25 sit ups once. The thing is to it have good diet with this exercise then the only you will have six pack abs.

Hindu squat exercise

Hindu Squat : Hindu Squat exercise is the amazing exercise for your legs muscles. Hindu Squat exercise can be done anywhere, any time. It’s not so hard but for the beginnings after doing this exercise you can feel some pain in your legs, don’t worry it just on initial level. Hindu Squat will hit your whole leg muscles at once and it is the best exercise to at home for legs muscles. Do daily this exercise with the amount of 50 to 100 Hindu Squat in one rep. Keep it for some days then increase the amount of Hindu Squat and do it in 2 reps. The amazing change you will see in your legs muscles and you will more strength in it.

You can do these 4 best home exercises at home daily with no excuse. These 4 exercise will hit your many body muscles and will give you attractive and strong body at home. Remember again it’s not so hard as you think just do it constantly with daily basis, you just need to 1 hour daily with these 4 exercise. You can do it when you are free, no matter morning or in evening.


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